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By Mary Szatkowski, MD
February 16, 2016
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What Do I Need to Know about Cataract Treatments? 

If you are older, there is a good chance you may develop cataracts, and if you do, you won’t be alone. According to cataract treatmentthe National Eye Institute, over half of Americans will develop cataracts or have cataract surgery by the age of 80. Cataracts can also happen when you are in your 40’s or 50’s, but these are usually small and don’t affect your vision. Most cataract problems begin to occur after the age of 60. Dr. Mary Szatowski, at Chicago Ophthalmology in Chicago, is here to help you learn about cataracts and what you can do about them.

What are cataracts and what causes them?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens of your eye, affecting vision. Cataracts are caused when the protein in the lens of your eye clumps together clouding the lens. Smokers and people with diabetes are at higher risk for cataracts. People may also be at higher risk for cataracts if they have prolonged exposure to sunlight.

What can I do to prevent cataracts?

Wear a hat and sunglasses when you are outside, and stop smoking. Good nutrition is vital. Include foods high in antioxidants like green leafy vegetables and fruits to your diet. Once you reach the age of 60, have a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Szatowski at least once every two years.

How can Dr. Szatowski fix my cataracts?

One type of cataract surgery is phacoemulsification, where a tiny probe is inserted through a small incision in the cornea. The probe emits ultrasound waves that break up the lens so it can be removed. Extracapsular surgery can also be performed. A longer incision is made through which the cloudy part of the lens is removed in one piece. After removal of the natural lens, an artificial lens is placed, called an intraocular lens or IOL. The IOL becomes part of your eye and you won’t even notice anything except improved vision.

If you are interested in learning more about cataract treatments please visit the Chicago Ophthalmology website at or give Dr. Mary Szatowski at Chicago Ophthalmology a call for a consultation. If you are worried about cataracts, don’t wait! Call today and improve your vision!