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By Dr. Mary Szatowski
February 06, 2015
Category: Dermatology

Are you unhappy with the appearance of the skin under your eyes?  Is your skin wrinkled and loose?  Are your pores too large or is your skin dull? Dr. Mary Szatowski-Pritikin can improve ALL of those issues without ANY surgery and WITHOUT downtime! It may sound unbelieveable, but it is true! 

Dr. Mary Szatowski treats patients that aren't satisfied with the appearance and function of their eyesFresh Face or skin. One of the most advanced aesthetic treatments available to Chicago patients is called Halo Hybrid Fractional laser. Learn more about this laser therapy and if it is right for your specific case.

What is the Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser?
The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser is an advanced skin technology developed by the Sciton company that is aimed at reversing the effects of aging. The laser pinpoints skin perfections that are caused by too much exposure to the sun, including sun spots and lines in the skin. It tightens and tones the skin to give you a more youthful look. 

What Does the Laser Treat?
If you’re unhappy with your skin because you feel that it has lost its original “glow,” the Halo laser might be right for your needs. The laser treats the following specific aesthetic facial problems for Chicago patients:

Reduction of large pores
Dullness in the skin’s complexion
Damage from the sun’s rays
Winkles and lines in the skin
Skin discolorations and uneven color
Rough texture (extra layers of skin)
Reduction of the appearance of scars

Some patients report significant positive results after just one “light” treatment. More intensive treatments are also available that require a few days of downtime. 

Learn More about the Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser
This non-surgical procedure can help you achieve more radiant skin with minimal downtime. The best way to learn more about this new technology is to see it in action. Contact the Chicago office of
Dr. Mary Szatowski
today to set up a time to talk about how the Halo laser can help you achieve the aesthetic results you've been seeking. Call the doctor’s main office line at 312-332-4296 to schedule an appointment.