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By Dr. Mary Szatowski
December 22, 2014
Category: Dermatology

Acne is known to present itself to almost every person just after puberty, but the seldom few who may not experience acne during these early teenage years may still develop it much later in their life. Acne has been reported to flare up for some people well into their 50's. The face is the most afflicted region on the body by acne, second is the back, and third the chest.

Acne develops when a follicle or pore becomes clogged. When the pore is blocked, oil, or 'sebum,' cannot work its way out of the skin as it is meant to . Bacteria can then become trapped in the pore which creates inflammation.

Proper acne treatment, whether they are natural or pharmaceutical, can make improvements to people physically and psychologically. As mentioned before, acne is primarily targeted to the face. This can make it very hard to cover up with clothing, makeup, or hair, and it often affects our appearance. The way that we look at ourselves and the way we are perceived by others has a direct link to our mental health. Everyone wants to look their best, regardless of whether you are a pubescent teen or far into adulthood. Proper treatment not only prevents acne flare ups, but also helps minimize or prevent scarring from acne.

Many preventative methods also promote good overall health. The refined carbohydrates found in junk food don't cause acne, but research has proven a significant drop of acne lesions in people with a lower glycemic index. Some doctors have suspected salt to be a contributing factor in creating acne, as iodine may increase acne breakouts. Research has recently proven that Americans consume much more sodium than is healthy for the body. In decreasing your sodium intake, you may experience improvements in your acne as well as other health benefits.

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